An Intriguing Deception is a historical romance, a fabulous adventure taking place in the Regency period. The brief was to design and typeset the book interior both for the paperback and the ebook editions, making sure that it’s genre-appropriate. The client also requested filigree book ornaments.

Client: Terry Ann Taylor

Project: Print book and ebook interior design and typesetting, including a bespoke filigree ornaments for the title page, chapter headers and chapter pauses.

Date: May 2021

Interior design: The interior has a classic look. The typeface used was Adobe Caslon Pro, which is an easy-to-read font of timeless elegance that fits the historical romance genre. The chapter headers and pauses feature filigree book ornaments.

Illustrations: Historical romances often feature elegant book ornaments, and I designed these myself based on the client’s request of a bee and a fleur-de-lis, which are significant symbols in the context of the novel. The internal title page also features filigree ornaments.

Ebook conversion: I converted the book into digital files and thoroughly tested it on a variety of devices. The illustrations have metadata to make the book fully accessible.

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