The Bottom Drawer eBook deals with the serious topic of preparing for your death with a light, quirky, but respectful touch. The book has been in print for a few years. The author-publisher requested a fixed-format epub version that looks similar to the print edition.

Client: Lisa Joy Herbert

Project: Fixed-format epub with lots of colour, illustrations and hyperlinks – to match the existing print edition. The cover design had to resemble the print edition but with a more prominent subtitle. I also created promotional materials for the author’s website and social media.

Date: September 2021

Interior design: The print version has space incorporated where the reader can take notes and answer questions. This doesn’t work in an ebook, so the author changed the text and asks the readers to use a notebook alongside the digital copy. We ended up highlighting these ‘action stations’ by using a typeface that resembles handwriting (and harmonises with the cover design). We also placed it over an image of a lined notebook page. The manuscript has a lot of images, so we chose fixed-format epub format, preserving the layout perfectly. The ebook also has hyperlinks and a clickable table of contents. 

Cover design: The Bottom Drawer Book (the paperback “twin” of the ebook) has a fabulous hand-drawn cover. The client wanted to keep this for the ebook too. However, she wanted some enhancements to ensure it stands out as a thumbnail too. I created a mockup of a variation on the cover and worked with the artist and the author to create the final design.

Promotional design: I created some tiles for the author’s website as well as some social media images. All the designs feature a 3D rendering of the ebook and use images from the book as the background or as supporting illustrations.

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