About Book Design Services

Welcome to Book Design Services, your one-stop shop for full service book design.

If you need a professional book layout, careful typesetting, or a bespoke book cover, all at a reasonable price, look no further.

I’ll ensure that the text is laid out to perfection and looks good in your print-on-demand book as well as on any electronic device. The covers I design are always one-of-a-kind, matching the book’s genre, the content, and the author’s requirements perfectly.

I can handle illustrations as well, so if you need professional-looking charts, tables, infographics or maps, do get in touch.

Check out the full range of services, pricing, and timelines in the Services section of the website. For more information about me, have a peek at the About section.

Book Design Services is a boutique operation. Why is that good for you?

  • Star treatment: Limited number of clients, who all get full attention and dedication.
  • Focus: You work directly with the designer so nothing gets “lost in translation”.
  • Flexibility: The services expand or contract to suit every client’s needs.
  • Value: I have low overheads, and I pass on the cost savings to you.

I love seeing good book content getting the great design it deserves. Let’s get started!